A Duplex Tent?

The Duplex tent is lightweight, spacious, well-ventilated, packs down small pitches easily, and can be set up in the smallest of spaces. There are no lighter, functional two-person tents on the market today. The most popular ultralight tent by Appalachian Trail hikers for two years in a row has been voted the most popular tent by hikers.

What Does Zpack Duplex Weigh?

Duplex tents are made of Dyneema Composite Fabrics (formerly called cuben fiber) and weigh 19 tons. Zpacks Duplex Tents are made of single-wall 2 person tents. 4 oz. Two trekking poles are needed to erect it, which has two doors and two vestibules.

How Many Stakes Does A Zpacks Duplex Need?

In the Duplex, there are eight stakes required to pitch and the setup is two poles. It is easy to set up and is fast and straightforward when you have practiced.

Does Zpack Duplex Come With Stakes?

There are no trekking poles included with the Duplex, so you set it up yourself. Straight Poles are available, as well as Freestanding Upgrades. You would have two poles if you do either of these.

Do Zpacks Tents Come With Stakes?

In addition to guy lines, sewn in linelocs, taped seams, and stuff sacks, the total weight of the item is displayed near the ‘add to cart’ button. Tents come with a piece of tape to repair the tent. The weight of your canopy will be changed depending on the material you choose. It is not necessary to include 8x Stakes.

Is Zpacks Duplex Waterproof?

Protection from the elements. The Z Duplexpacks are remarkably waterproof despite their thin fabric and hybrid single-wall construction.

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