How Much Is Residential Living At Wcu?

NC Promise Program, a state-funded program that supplements the cost of education in North Carolina, enables students to receive a reduced education cost. There was no decline in campus-related fees and on-campus residency costs, so parents and students need to understand the full cost of attending college.

How Much Are Dorms At Wcu?




University Hall 2 Bedroom Double w/ Living Room



University Hall 2 Bedroom Single



University Hall 3 Bedroom Single



The Village 4 Bedroom Single



Do I Have To Live On Campus At Wcu?

During the first two academic years of their education, freshmen at Western Carolina University will live on campus. For freshmen and new transfer students, one academic year is required for residence on campus. Western Carolina PEAKS, our transitional living-learning community, will be the most popular place for freshmen to participate.

Does Wcu Have On Campus Apartments?

All freshmen are guaranteed housing on campus, and upper-class students can rent space on a first come, first served basis. During the first two academic years of their education, freshmen at Western Carolina University will live on campus.

Is Wcu A Dry Campus?

Due to West Chester University’s dry campus, alcohol cannot be consumed by anyone under the age of 21.

Does Wcu Have Dorms?

Located in the heart of downtown Charlotte, Western Carolina University is known for its tight-knit campus community. Located centrally, first-year student dorms make it easy for you to get to class on time, connect with support staff, and eat at your convenience.

Does Wcu Have Coed Dorms?

We have a website for housing that provides more information. wcu. edu. There are 426 students living in Balsam Hall and 376 students in Blue Ridge. There is a roommate agreement in both halls, which allows 24-hour access to each other, as well as bath facilities, air conditioning, and non-smoking facilities. Rooms have sinks in them.

Is Wcu A Good School?

U.S. Census Bureau reports its annual report. According to the latest News & World Report rankings of colleges and universities for 2021, Western Carolina University is firmly in the upper echelons of higher education institutions. The university ranks 10th among public universities in the South and ninth as a best value university.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply To Wcu?

Complete Freshman Application (all applications are non-binding) Application fee of $65 (some students may qualify for a fee waiver based on financial need) Official transcripts from all schools. Scores for the official tests.

How Much Does It Cost To Live On Campus At Wcu?


On Campus

Off Campus

Room and Board



— Housing


— Meals


Other Living Expenses



Can Freshmen Live In On Campus Apartments?

In most four-year colleges, there are residence halls or dormitories on campus, but you can also rent an apartment or house off campus. In many colleges, freshmen are required to live in a dorm unless they are within a certain distance of campus. They tend to do better academically, according to the argument.

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