How To Invest In Hines Reit?

Is a real estate investment trust. Our common shares are not listed on any stock exchange and we do not intend to do so in the near future.

Is Hines A Reit?

A public, non-listed real estate investment trust sponsored by Hines, the Hines Global REIT invests in real estate around the world. The Hines Global REIT was formed in December 2008 to invest in and own interests in a diversified portfolio of quality commercial real estate properties and other real estate investments in the United States and abroad.

Is Hines A Private Equity Firm?

Gerald Hines founded the Houston-based firm in the late 1970s and it has an annual revenue of $81 million. Assets under management total $7 billion. In addition to raising capital, Hines is part of a broader effort by real estate investment managers to attract institutional investors.

What Is Hines Amazon?

Founded in 1957, Hines has a presence in 225 cities in 25 countries and is privately owned. Over 472 million square feet of space have been developed, redeveloped or acquired by Hines over the past two decades.

How Much Is Hines Worth?

The controlled assets are valued at $144 million. In terms of real estate, Hines has a market capitalization of $1 billion. His net worth was $1 in 2016. Three billion dollars.

Who Owns The Hines Group?


Privately held company


Williams Tower Houston, Texas

Key people

Gerald D. Hines, Founder Jeffrey C. Hines, Chairman and CEO

Number of employees



Is Hines A Good Company?

I have a great job at Hines. Known to be the best in their field, they are a leading company. The pay and benefits are good, and there are many resources for training and advancement.

Where Is Hines Headquarters?

Hines Interests Limited Partnership / Headquarters, Houston, Texas, United States

Is Hines A Public Company?

The Hines Interests Limited Partnership is a privately held company that invests in and develops real estate. There are 240 cities in 27 countries where the company has its headquarters.

What Kind Of Company Is Hines?


Privately held company

Number of employees



Is Hines Public?

Founded in 1957, Hines has a presence in 255 cities in 27 countries and an annual revenue of $83 billion. More than 138 billion dollars of investment assets are under management. The assets are located in three million square feet of property, which Hines provides as a third-party property.

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