Selling your house has become harder and more time consuming with every year that passes in this millennium. With global economic tragedies happening all the time and the baffling inversely proportional relationship between housing price and demand which goes against everything we know about economics; this is a tough time to shift property for those looking to move somewhere more homely.

Luckily, there are a variety of different methods you can apply to help boost the worth and visibility of your property and streamline the whole sales process, some of which I will detail here to help give you a head start to selling your home. And don’t worry, as much as this is aimed at those living in MD right now, a lot of these concepts are globally applicable.


Visibility can mean many different things depending on context. Here, it means several things, all of which are extremely important to any hopeful home seller. The most obvious application here is online visibility.

According to PropertiesOnline, around 95% of people search for homes online and 56% of people use the internet as their first port of call when looking for a new property.

As a result, it is absolutely essential that you create a large portfolio of high-quality photos and videos to help showcase your property’s internal and external features. Don’t be afraid of showing any issues with the house during this, as long as the price reflects any issues, buyers are not particularly worried about fixable issues and care more about being able to see the entire home from the comfort of theirs.

Make yourself known

The other form of visibility that directly applies here is marketing visibility. It may seem silly spending money to try and sell a house, but as the old adage goes; “You must spend money to make money!”

This is extremely relevant here, as paying to have your house climb up search rankings with real estate agents and comparison site will increase the amount of people considering your property by a huge amount. Especially when coupled with newspaper adverts and posting over as many social media channels as you have access to, flooding the internet with your sale can connect you to a buyer within days!

Pricing the property

One of the most difficult and complicated aspects to selling a property is that of deciding the price. Too high and no one will want to waste money, too low and buyers get concerned that there is something wrong with the place you haven’t disclosed. Luckily, realtor’s will be able to assess the property and determine what they think is the best price to sell at.

Realtors will also take a cut of the money however, so if you’re looking for a quick flip for maximum profit, you’re better off determining the price yourself, then looking for buyers who want your house for cash in Baltimore, Maryland.

Location, location, location?

While this is an extremely overused phrase, it has become memetic due to its timeless relevance. The location of a property is the most important factor to any buyer. This is obviously something you cannot change about your home, but it is something you should be aware of when trying to determine a price to sell at.

A lot of the locations you enjoy or find convenient won’t apply to new buyers, so you must rid yourself of all your local Maryland knowledge and think objectively about what services and travel connections you have available to you. Schools, restaurants and distance from the closest city centre are all prime factors that can sway buyers and fluctuate the price massively, so keep these deeply in mind.

Be the greatest repairperson

Remember those blemishes I told you not to worry about? As much as it isn’t necessary to sort these out to secure a sale, it can be an extremely easy way to add a few thousand to your asking price and widen the market willing to purchase your home.

This doesn’t have to be limited to finding issue around your property, as simply having a new coat of paint or fresh flooring around the house can actually increase the value of your property by a considerable amount more than what it costs to get these renovations. Be careful not to make it so homely you can’t bear to sell it!

Showcase your curb appeal

Once you have enticed someone and piqued their interest, many potential buyers will drive past the property to have a look at the exterior before deciding whether they should book a viewing. To this end, some extra care and attention should be shown for the front of your property and anything that can be seen from the street.

This can include anything from front facing windows to the state of your drive and front yard, anything you can see if you casually walk past your home. Making sure these aspects are touched up and sale-ready will greatly increase the conversion rate of browsers to viewers.

While this is by no means an exhaustive guide on how to sell your Maryland home, focusing primarily on these aspects will give you a good chance of shifting your property as quickly as possible whether going via a Realtor or taking the challenge on by yourself.

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