Is C2 Residential Or Commercial?

A CENTRAL COMMERCIAL ZONE (C2) is located in the city.

What Is C2 Commercial Use?

The purpose and intent of the project. A general commercial zone district is intended to provide areas for the continued use, enhancement, and development of retail, personal service, entertainment, office, and related commercial uses that will attract patrons from all parts of the community.

What Is C2 In Real Estate?

Zone C-1 is a neighborhood commercial zone. Zone C-2 is a downtown commercial district. A limited range of office, retail, and service commercial uses that are appropriate for the scale and character of the downtown – a place where residents and visitors enjoy shopping and entertainment.

Can You Live In C2 Zoning Los Angeles?

C2 allows commercial uses as well as R4 uses by default, which means that you can build apartments on LA’s commercial boulevards at a density of 400 square feet per unit.

What Is C2 Zoning In Pennsylvania?

A building, structure, or land cannot be used in the C-2 Zone, and no building or structure can be constructed, structurally altered, or enlarged except for the purpose set forth in Section 18 of the C-2 Zone.

What Does C2 Commercial Mean?

The C-2 zoning classification refers to a commercial zone and a level 2 zoning classification. The C-2 zone generally covers commercial, office, and retail uses, although there may be restrictions on what types of businesses can be opened. There is guidance available to each community.

What Is A C2 Lot?

A residential designation known as R-C2 is primarily for single detached, side-by-side, and duplex homes in developed areas. There is a possibility of adding a secondary suite to single detached and side-by-side homes. Land Use Bylaw – R-C2.

What Is C1 Commercial Use?

PURPOSE. Small-scale freestanding businesses and neighborhood commercial activities are permitted in the C1 (Neighborhood Commercial) Zone.

What Is A C2 Zone Los Angeles?

Buildings in a C2 zone that are less than 100 feet from a residential zone are not allowed to exceed three stories or 35 feet. It is recommended that a building on a corner lot be at least two stories tall. A multistory building with residential uses on the upper floors or floors is permitted in the C2 zone.

What Is C2 Property?

The C2 commercial zone is a zone that covers tracts that are used for various business and office purposes.

What Is C Zone Property?

Zone C-1 is a neighborhood commercial zone. A mix of small local businesses that are appropriate for and serve the daily needs of nearby residential neighborhoods will be provided on the site; while land use regulations will be established to prevent significant adverse effects on nearby residential areas.

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