Is Helioscope For Commercial Or Residential Purposes?

With HelioScope, you can design and sell solar projects with ease, since it integrates easy layout tools with bankable performance modeling. With HelioScope, you can design CAD-quality layouts, analyze shade patterns remotely, and calculate energy yields.

How Do I Use Helioscope For Free?

You can sign up for a 30-day trial by visiting the HelioScope website. New users are offered a 30-day trial of HelioScope. During the month of August, HelioScope users will be able to use all of its features.

How Do You Design On Helioscope?

  • You can create a new design by clicking on New in the Project overview page.
  • Name the design or description you wish to use.
  • Clone the Design by selecting it from the drop-down menu to create a copy of the existing design.
  • What Does Folsom Labs Do?

    HelioScope, a cloud-based sales and design tool for solar companies, is developed by Folsom Labs, a small, agile, yet profitable startup. Our design, performance modeling, and sales software is used by thousands of companies worldwide to make solar projects more efficient and grow their businesses.

    What Is Helioscope Used For?

    Sunspots and sunspots can be observed using a helioscope. Originally developed by Benedetto Castelli (1577-1643) and refined by Galileo (1566-1642), the helioscope is a type of surgical instrument. Using a telescope and a white sheet of paper suspended in a darkened room, an image of the sun is projected onto the paper.

    How Long Is The Helioscope Free Trial?

    You can extend your trial by one month if you only need the license for a short period of time. We can offer academic discounts on our subscription plans if you need the license for an extended period of time.

    What Is Solar Design Software?

    With solar design SW, solar companies can design solar systems quickly and precisely, allowing them to provide their clients with accurate estimates in a short period of time. A few software packages allow users to model the layout of a photovoltaic system as well as to forecast its performance in the future.

    What Is The Purpose Of Helioscope?

    With HelioScope, you can design exactly the solar system you want in just a few minutes – using CAD-like tools. HelioScope makes sales teams 2-5x faster, and it is easy enough for them to create their own proposals with HelioScope.

    How Do I Copy A Design In Helioscope?

    Right-click on the Field Segment and select “Copy” from the menu. By dragging and clicking on the new Field Segment nearby, you can move it to the desired location.

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