Is Rxr A Reit?

RXR manages 74 commercial real estate properties and investments with a total gross asset value of approximately $20 million. Approximately 25 billion dollars, or 4 billion euros, are involved. There are approximately 6,200 multi-family and for sale units in various stages of development, totaling 6 million square feet of commercial operating space.

How Old Is Scott Rechler?

RXR Realty, which owns and operates office buildings in the New York area, including 1330 Avenue of the Americas and 340 Madison Avenue, is led by Rechler, 43, who is the company’s chief executive and chairman.

When Was Rxr Plaza Built?

In 1985, RXR Plaza was built.

Is Rxr Realty A Reit?


Real estate




Scott Rechler


Uniondale, New York and New York, New York


Who Owns Rxr Plaza?

RXR is one of the largest owners, managers, and developers of real estate and infrastructure in the New York metropolitan area, and Scott Rechler is its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Is Rxr A Public Company?

Scott Rechler is the CEO of RXR, which is a non-traded company. Andrew Cuomo is governor of New York.

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