Whether you’re moving into a new house and you’re unsure on how best to use the space to maximize your joy and comfort in your new home or if you’ve lived on your home for a while and you’re just wanting to mix up your interior design a bit to have a new environment, it can be difficult to master interior decorating. When you’re designing your home you want it to reflect your personality and to have your style, with a bit of planning you’ll be able to figure out the best use of the space whilst maintaining your own style. There is so much to think about when it comes to designing your home, you’ll want to prioritize the things that are most important to you, for example if you love cooking then you’ll want to focus on the kitchen the most and make sure that you have all the newest equipment. If you’re struggling to sleep and hoping that a redesign will help this then you can get one of these fabric upholstered beds that are super popular at the minute and really comfortable. If you’re not sure where to start with the planning then follow this handy guide we’ve created and you’ll be able to interior decorate like a pro.

Where should I start?

Whilst it may be tempting to head down to your local furniture store and go on a massive shopping spree purchasing all the things that you see that you love, this seems exciting but it is definitely not the place to start. Doing this is the equivalent of going shopping for groceries when you’re hungry, you end up spending a lot more money than you need to on things that you don’t need. If you head to your furniture store and purchase a bed, but the bed doesn’t fit properly in the room, then you’re going to have to design your room around the bed and it’ll be difficult to stop the room from looking awkward. When you’re starting your interior design journey you have to do the nitty gritty stuff before the fun stuff so you should start by taking measurements on all the rooms that you’re going to design. The measurements that you should be taking include the length and width of each room, the ceiling height and you need to check for anything that might get in the way of your design like radiators or windows.

Do I need a floorplan?

Yes! Every pro interior designer will create a floorplan of their house once they have all the measurements so we recommend that you do the same. This floorplan will give you a birds-eye view of your home and will make the design process so much easier as it will allow you to really understand the space that you’re working with. If you’re good at art then you can draw a floorplan out the old fashioned way, with a pencil and a ruled. However, it will be much easier and likely more accurate if you opt to use an app like MagicPlan, this app is great for creating simple floorplans and it very user friendly. Once you have this floorplan you can start to experiment with your designs, this app also makes it easy to play around with furniture placement.

Figure out a budget

Once you’ve sorted out your floorplan then you’ll have to figure out your budget. You don’t want to go shopping, purchase a bed that you love only to realize that is way too expensive and now you can’t afford furniture for the rest of the room. You should take a good look at your finances to see how much money you have to spend on decorating your home, if you’re hoping to spend more then there’s some great tips online on how to cut your costs in other areas so you can spend more on decorating. Once you’ve figured out your budget it’s time for the most fun part of interior decorating.

Deciding how you want your house to look

How you want your house to look, really depends on how you like to live your life. If you enjoy playing video games then you’ll prioritize getting a large TV to play them on, if you enjoy having guests round for dinner then you’ll want to get a large dining table so this is possible. Everyone’s dream interior design is going to be completely different to anyone else’s. Have a think about what you need in your house that will suit your lifestyle and then after all this planning you can finally go shopping and put the plan into action. In no time at all you’ll have the home of your dreams.

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