Selling a house is no easy task and within such a congested market, it can seem almost impossible to stand out. Trying to sell your house was bad enough before and now that the market is flooded with people who have been unable to sell their house in the last year, it is even harder to sell your house.

If you speak to any real estate agent, something that they will tell you is that the only way to ensure that your home is sold is by making sure that you stand out in the market.

Something that may surprise you is that there are right and wrong ways to stand out and many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong ways out of desperation. If you are someone with very little experience in the housing market, then you may be confused as to what the right way to make your home stand out on the housing market really is. Here are the dos and don’ts of standing out on the housing market.

Don’t: Make your house too colorful

A very common mistake amongst inexperienced home sellers is making their homes too colorful. When people are told to make their homes stand out, it is fair to jump to the conclusion that this means to make your house look different from others on the market. Giving your house a bright color or vibrant wallpaper may seem like a good idea at the time, but it puts you at a disadvantage in the housing market.

When you look at colorful wallpaper you see creativity, but when a buyer looks at colorful wallpaper, they just see more work that they’ll have to do if they do buy it. Whoever buys your house will already be spending a lot of money on the house itself and they will not want to spend more on decorating the house.

Having a brightly colored room may also get in the way of the buyer’s creative vision, so we recommend that you just offer up a blank canvas that they can build upon in the future.

Do: Hire the help of a designer

As I previously stated, the housing market is very overpopulated right now. For this reason, we recommend that you employ the help of a designer to make sure that your house is market-ready. It may cost you a bit of money, but having a newly decorated home means that you can actually sell your house for a higher price.

It may shock you to learn that employing the help of a designer can be very inexpensive. We recommend that you enlist the help of zircon living to help design your home, as they offer a brilliant service at a more than reasonable price. They also know exactly what sells on the housing market, so they can even offer you some helpful advice for setting up the rest of your home ahead of putting it on the market.

Don’t: Set your prices too low

There is no denying that having an extremely low price for your house will make it stand out on the housing market, but it will also make you lose out on a lot of potential profit. Not only will you lose out on money, but an incredibly low price may also be off-putting. A lot of people follow the rule of if it’s too good to be true, then it usually is, so if you have an incredibly low price they may believe that the house has problems that can not be seen upon first viewing, which could lead them to not continue with the sale.

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