What Does A Residential Construction Superintendent Do?

Ensure that all residential construction projects are completed in a timely manner. Ensure that subcontractors are managed, coordinated, and supervised, and that each group is kept informed.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Construction Superintendent?

The Superintendent will coordinate and manage all on-site activities, as well as work with project teams such as Project Managers, Project Engineers, Foreman, and Field Personnel and other office departments, to deliver successful projects to owners on time and on budget.

What Is A Superintendent In Home Building?

Building superintendents or building supervisors (often shortened to super) are managers who are responsible for repairing and maintaining residential buildings in the United States and Canada.

Is It Hard Being A Construction Superintendent?

It is stressful to be a construction superintendent, since this person is always on call during a project and is expected to troubleshoot problems that may be difficult to resolve. It is not uncommon for the superintendent to work long hours, especially when a project is nearing its end.

What Does A Builder Superintendent Do?

A building superintendent is responsible for taking care of minor issues and repairs, such as patching drywall, painting, repairing/replace flooring, doors, windows, fixing simple electrical, plumbing, and HVAC issues, and performing regular preventive maintenance.

What Are Supers In Construction?

In the building industry, a building superintendent is also known as a super, property manager, or resident manager. They oversee the maintenance and repairs of a residential building that typically houses 10 or more units. Having someone on-site to handle general maintenance and upkeep, as well as minor repairs, is helpful for landlords.

Are Construction Superintendents Happy?

Here are five traits that make a good construction superintendent. It’s not an easy job to be a construction superintendent. You have a lot of people (with very different needs) to keep happy, from upper-level management to field crews. The jobsite must also be tracked and coordinated.

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