What Is A Duplex In Santa Baby?

So a sable is a small weasel-like animal that is mostly found in Russia, as you may be aware. There is no pet request from Kitt. Her wish is for the fur to be fashioned into a coat for her.

Why Is Santa Baby Banned?

The reason the song was banned in parts of the American South Kitt laughed at “Santa Baby”, but others found it too raunchy. According to Singer, a Southern American radio station banned the song for its suggestive nature.

Whats The Meaning Of Santa Baby?

Eartha Kitt performed “Santa Baby” with Henri René and His Orchestra in 1953, and it was originally released as a single. In its lyrics, the song pokes fun at a woman who wants extravagant gifts such as sables, yachts, and Tiffany’s decorations for Christmas.

How Many Versions Of Santa Baby Are There?



Release date

Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt


Santa Baby

Mae West


Santa Baby

The Peaches


Santa Baby



Why Is Santa Baby Offensive?

The movie is raunchy and superficial, so it’s offensive. Eartha Kitt released the song in 1953, and the singer uses her sexuality to obtain luxurious items such as a ’54 convertible and a yacht.

What Is The Most Popular Version Of Santa Baby?

According to the graph, the top renditions of ‘Santa Baby’ as of 2014 were digital tracks. 620 thousand downloads of Eartha Kitt’s version of the song were found to be the most popular.

Is Santa Baby A Dirty Song?

Santa Baby’s implied sexual lyrics and sultry tone have led to controversy. When you consider the lyrics of “Santa Baby,” we believe it to be a sexual song.

Why Can’t They Play Baby It’s Cold Outside On The Radio Anymore?

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ Is Sexist, Frozen Out By Radio Stations Radio programmers have banned the song after receiving complaints from listeners that it is offensive, only to have it overturned by the public.

Who Originally Wrote Santa Baby?

Santa Baby / Composers by Philip Springer s

Who Wrote Santa Baby Originally?

Santa Baby / Lyricists Philip Springer s

Who Was The First To Sing Santa Baby?

Santa Baby / Michael Bublé s

Who Sings The Most Famous Version Of Santa Baby?

“Santa Baby”


RCA Victor


Joan Javits Philip Springer Tony Springer


Henri René

Eartha Kitt singles chronology

Who Sang Santa Baby First?

In “Santa Baby,” we are reminded that we should only give the most extravagant gifts this Christmas season. Joan Javits and Phillip Springer wrote the song, and Eartha Kitt sang it in 1953.

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