What Type Of Air Filter Best For Residential Home Hvac?

MERV 8 filters are the most common choice. The majority of residential areas can remove contaminants with MERV 8 to MERV 13, while most hospitals use MERV 14 to MERV 20. MERV has a wider range than The Home Depot’s ranking of air filters (FPR).

What Type Of Filter Is Best For Hvac?

Filters for HEPA air. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. There have been 99 instances of the Department of Health removing the substance. A majority of airborne allergens and pollutants are mold spores and dust, which are as small as. microns.

Are High Merv Filters Bad For Hvac?

There’s a problem here: some filters with high MERV ratings can reduce duct air pressure, which can increase your energy bills and damage your HVAC system at the same time.

Are Merv 13 Filters Bad For Hvac?

In a residential home, filters that are less than 17-20 MERV are almost never needed. You are unlikely to need more than 13-16 MERV for your home since it is considered hospital-level air quality.

What Merv Is Bad For Hvac?


Minimum Particle Size


< 0.3 μm

Can I Use A Higher Merv Rating Restrict Airflow?

If you use an air filter with a MERV rating that is too high, you are just as bad as if you used one with a low rating. The thickness of the filter material can limit airflow, but air filters with higher MERV ratings can filter more.

Is Merv 12 Too High For Hvac?

– These filters are more efficient and usually provide the best improvement in indoor air quality for residential applications at 9-12 MERV. This category includes deep pleats in filters. The air they expel is so clean that they must be regularly checked to ensure proper flow.

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