Where Can I Find A Duplex Bow Botw?

There are only two ways to find them. In the Gerudo Highlands, the Yiga Clan Hideout is both abandoned and used by several Yiga clans. In the second phase, you will have to defeat the random Yiga Footsoldier assassins that appear while traveling, taking their Duplex Bow.

Is There A Special Bow In Botw?

As a reward for capturing Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Link can repair the Great Eagle Bow in Rito Village, and it can be repaired by Harth the blacksmith. With a 28 attack rating, the bow is bolstered by the fact that it fires three arrows at once, which makes it more powerful.

How Much Durability Does A Duplex Bow Have?

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Base Durability



Breath of the Wild




Yiga Clan

How Do I Find Windcleaver?

As a result of defeating Yiga Blademasters in battle, Windcleavers can be obtained by randomly teleporting near Link once he has defeated Master Kohga in the Yiga Clan Hideout. A swung sword can pierce the air and deal small damage to enemies if it is swung.

What Is The Most Durable Bow In Botw?

However, in the course of this singular event, the Bow of Light is simply the most powerful bow in the game, regardless of its size. With a range of 500, a beastly 100 attack, and 100 durability, it is a beast.

Where Is The Best Bow In Botw?

The Ancient Bow can be purchased from Cherry at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab if you have the money, ancient parts, and have completed the quest Robbie’s Research. There are no doubt that this bow is one of the most durable bows in the game, if not the most.

How Do You Get The Yiga Bow?

Nebb uses it as a weapon and as a bow during the side quest “The Weapon Connoisseur” where he seeks to discover the weapons. Yiga Clan Hideout or Karusa Valley in the Gerudo Desert region are the places where you can find one from the Yiga Footsoldiers. The bow can be kept by Link after he shows one to Nebb.

Is Duplex Bow Good?

The Yiga Clan archers’ favored bow can be deceptively effective. If you can get past some spotty durability, this can make for a great long-range weapon. With a range of 40, the Duplex Bow is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to this, it also emits two arrows at once.

What Bow Has The Most Durability In Botw?

Ancient Bows have an attack rating of 44 and a durability level of 120, making them one of Breath of the Wild’s toughest items. They can be a reliable weapon for Link, and won’t break anytime soon.

How Much Durability Does The Royal Bow Have?

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Base Durability


Base Range



Breath of the Wild


How Much Durability Does The Great Eagle Bow Have?

Great Eagle Bow

Other appearance(s)

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Rito Village





How Do You Get Yiga Blademaster To Spawn?

The Yiga Clan’s elite soldiers are called Blademasters. In the Yiga Clan Hideout, they patrol the area and if they see Link in the hideout, they close all doors and exits while they call in reinforcements. In addition to attacking Link after Master Kohga is defeated, they will also appear randomly.

What Is A Windcleaver Botw?

There is a Windcleaver in Breath of the Wild, an item from The Legend of Zelda. Windcleavers are charged up to the point where they can send out Sword Beam-like blades of wind, sending every swing forward. As a result, every swing of the weapon will result in its loss of durability.

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